Tackle Digital Disruption

Consult enterprises and startups to tackle digital disruption.

Big Data and IoT

Help IT giants to navigate digital landscape via Big Data Analytics.

Machine Learning

Leverage companies profit and reduce cost through machine learning.


Deploy AI for unleashing automation.

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Tackle Digital Disruption

We are a boutique technology enabled business consulting and competency development company.

We offer best of breed solutions in the area of Big Data, Business Analytics and Digital Technologies to medium and small size enterprises alongside startups.

Training for IT Giants.

Corporate training for data analytics, machine learning for IT giants.

IOT Analytics

IOT analytics first of a kind in India developed for the analytics leaders.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics for multiple large MBA institutions

Advanced Quantitative Analytics

Advanced Quantitative Analytics multiple large MBA institutions


Founder of AI user group in Bangalore – Fortnightly Trainings conducted on various aspects of AI

B2C Trainings

B2C trainers of Business Analytics, Machine Learning for customers from India, USA

AI And Analytics

Contribution to Over 10 Faculty Development Programmes in area of machine learning, AI and analytics

AI in Banking

Focused Training on "AI in Banking" for bankers in a banking conference


Award Winning Team

Our team brings a wealth of experience from few of the world's most formidable companies and startups.

Neelima Vobugari

Neelima Vobugari is the CEO of Tarah Technologies, https://www.tarahtech.com. She is a certified CRM consultant and a certified Data Scientist. She is an alumnus of John Hopkins University, Maryland, where she finished her specialization in Data Sciences.

Dr. Srinivas Padmanabhuni

Dr.Srinivas Padmanabhuni is the Past president of ACM India. Prior to co-founding Tarah Technologies, he was Associate Vice President heading research at Infosys till Oct. 2015. He has rich experience of more than 15 years in IT Industry.



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    How Tarah AI can Help Your Enterprise

    • Reduce the time you spend on research and analysis.
    • Leverage the skills of your enterprise by expert training.
    • Unleash the Power of Artificial Intelligence.

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